Mad Rex VIP + Media Grand Opening

IMG_8928 3

At Mad Rex’s opening night for media and VIP’s, it was packed with people absorbing the never-been-done before concept. It is Philadelphia’s first post-apocalyptic themed restaurant and virtual reality experience. It was unlike any restaurant I’ve ever been to and highly unique in food and décor.

IMG_6217 2

The restaurant theme is thoughtfully executed even outside the building. The flickering sign, equipment truck and hints of art through the windows draw in apocalypse survivors. The opening night was buzzing with all the makings of a great restaurant —  good music, great food and strong cocktails. Inside the restaurant, art and apocalypse ensembles on display were accompanied by role-playing staff. The restaurant has big tables and chairs — comfortable for any size groups.

IMG_0348 2
Salmon, flank steak, chicken and vegetables in black rock cooking style.

Each table was served a variety of proteins with a hot black rock and additional sauces or seasonings. Everyone had the option to cook or finish their meal on the steaming tablet. This really fit in well with the apocalypse vibes. The cocktail list is equally delicious and creative from the large double-sided bar. My favorite dessert was the salty and sweet ice cream. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream was swirled in pink Himalayan salt bowls. It made the creamy ice cream slightly salty with an extra tang. There were mini chocolate chips, sprinkles and other cute toppings.


Mad Rex is also equip with an entire virtual reality lounge (VR). This is very fitting given millennials’ preference to spend more on experiences and dining out. Combining great food, an original theme and popular VR makes for a unique night out with friends.

Mad Rex is one of Aversa PR’s newest clients. 

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