Marissa Reale | Storyteller and Relationship Builder Through Strategic Communications & Public Relations

I find that you can have the best practices and the smartest team but none of that matters if you don’t prioritize relationships above all else. This rings true with clients, customers, media, coworkers and so on. Leading with instincts and varied experiences as my guide, I approach every interaction with detailed care, relevance, passion and valuable perspective. By utilizing strategic communications, I uncover the limitless power of storytelling to foster relationships, change thinking and inspire action. This creates endless opportunities to better serve and understand communities, engage stakeholders and meet business goals.

Please use my website to learn more about my background, experience and passion for public relations and strategic communications. Support media and keep in touch on their latest story ideas through word of mouth and follow my media resource Twitter page, @realemarissa.


Marissa is an award-winning skilled communicator and an expert multi-tasker. She is consistent, reliable and has an unmatched work ethic. Marissa is well-rounded, connected and hardworking. She’s enthusiastic about learning and passionate about networking. What makes Marissa truly stand out is her positive attitude and constant smile.

Marissa has excellent writing skills and prides herself on making a unique personal connection with everyone she meets. Marissa is a natural leader, yet understands the power of working within a team. She loves attending local networking events and meeting professionals in the public relations and events industry.

Marissa loves working in communications. She attributes her work ethic and attitude to her parents. Marissa cherishes her professional and personal relationships with her genuine nature.

Marissa also enjoys spending time with her younger sister exploring Philadelphia, reading the news and dining at restaurants.

Explore the website to learn more about her story.

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